Opposing Forces – unbreakable bonds

General Info

I am a thinker and a planner, an organizer. My husband is a man of action. I’m a saver, he’s a spender.  He’s very outspoken, I’m more reserved. He converses with strangers in the street like old friends; I mostly speak when spoken to.

 Sometimes though I think he acts too fast causing him to have to re-do some things, rephrase some things, or simply wipe the slate clean and start over again.  Conversely, I sometimes think on things so long that planning turns to procrastination, windows close and opportunities are missed.

The good news however, is that we complement each other.  I keep him grounded and he helps me soar. 

Like many artists I don’t always like the business of art. Show it, yes. Hope that others can appreciate it and buy it, sure. Talk about it – not so much. I just like to do what I do. But my husband sings my praises at the drop of a hat. He always introduces me as an artist. He carries my business cards with him and regularly comes back for more because he’s given them to everyone he meets. He is the greatest marketing director a girl can have.

For my part I keep him stocked with office supplies, design his business cards and website, help him keep his calendar, keep him focused, and force him to manage his finances. I am his spell-check and his dictionary, his adminstrative assistant.

On the surface it may seem that we are complete opposites but we both have the same goals and dreams. We both want the same things for our children and grandchildren. We enjoy the same activities. We like talking to each other and every now and again we finish each other’s thoughts. We may sometimes be on different paths but the destination is the same and in all probability we expect that we will reach that destination at the same time.

Opposing forces, absolutely – but together we are one force to be reckoned with.