Drips & Spatters


Seriously?! We have already passed the last day of the first month of the new year. It all feels so daunting to me right now. I am totally unprepared for this new year – as if one could prepare for such. The thing is, I am in a season of my life that has me…

Another EOY Recap

Another year is behind us – my annual recap of Handy Concepts Arts and looking forward to 2021.

Safe Travels

Life is not a straight road. It turns and twists and sometimes circles back on itself, offers up forks for you to choose your own direction. Life is not a one-way street that you travel alone. You pass other people coming and going. Some are moving faster than you, slower, traveling in the same or…

All in the Family

My cousin Chrissy (Christine Lawrence Trice) makes these wonderful shadow box assemblages that are full of history and intrigue and just plain fun. She has mentioned that she doesn’t have my eye for art but her eye, how she puts things together is nothing short of incredible. Her found objects are great collector pieces for…

b-bye 2019

As per usual at the end of the year I do some sort of recap of the paintings I created and other artistic things I accomplished during the year, charting my progress or lack thereof and making plans or listing goals for the coming year. I guess it’s safe to say that this year ran…

Thanksgiving 2019

3 WEEKS For three weeks I’ve been contemplating this year’s Thanksgiving post, and these last three weeks have been a doozy! About 5 months ago my husband and I retired and relocated across country and I left 99.5% of my family on the east coast and moved to the Southwest. Three weeks ago, we received…

When Business & Emotions Collide

ON THIS LABOR DAY 2019 I have worked more than 40 years so far in my lifetime and it’s time to sit back in retirement and enjoy the fruits of my labor. For me that means painting at my leisure. Now, instead of picking up my paintbrush only on weekends and after hours in my…

Forced Initiatives

“Forced” may be too strong a word, but due to life-changing decisions it is necessary for me to pack up my studio to prepare for a move across country. I generally paint in oils and acrylics and the occasional watercolors, but since the move has me packing up all of my supplies and materials, which…

2018 – A Recap

A reflection on the past year and a look towards the new. Here are my top picks for works I’ve created over the last 12 months. <a href="”> Read More…


a full month of daily sketching for Inktober2018

The Power of “Thank You”

So many people come in and go out of our lives over the years. Some stay a long while, others just pass through for a very brief moment but all have had some impact on our being. Could have been a teacher, classmate, employer or coworker, neighbor, client or pastor. Whoever they are they all…

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