About the Artist

Cheryl Handy was born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. She joined the Army after high school traveling and working in South America, various European countries, and several U.S states. After her military career she earned her Bachelor of Arts degree in English and began a new career as an editorial assistant and office administrator. Due to her fulltime employment and caring for her family, creative time was relegated to some nights and weekends for many years but she now enjoys practicing her craft full time in retirement.

Painting since age 12, Cheryl’s inner city upbringing and subsequent world travel to her current suburban realm are influential in the works she creates, and she is comfortable working in most mediums, subjects and genres. Ms. Handy has exhibited in many solo and group exhibitions throughout Maryland, Pennsylvania, and Virginia and has served on occasion as a panel member for Prince George’s County Maryland’s grant reviews for the visual arts.

Artist Statement

“I am a painter who works in multiple media and all genre but my preferred genres are portraiture and figurative. It’s been said that the eyes are the windows to the soul, but it is the gestures, the expressions, and the body language that tell the complete story, and I enjoy being the story teller. My work is representational realism usually, though I sometimes dabble in abstractions. I love color and recently have been exploring more with mixed media and texture.

Aside from portraits and figures, I also enjoy painting Landscapes and still life. I often wish that I could sculpt and maybe some day I’ll learn but in the mean time I am always open to experimenting with my painting and pushing myself to master my craft. I also wish I could sing but that will never happen 🙂  and I’m OK with that. Aside from the visual arts, my favorites are literary and dance.”

Artist Resume / CV