Welcome to the Enchanted Forest

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“Tree Aerobics” by Chilly Bramlet – 12×16″ mixed media on canvas

“Once upon a time in a land far, far away…”  This is what comes to mind when I look at William (aka Chilly) Bramlet’s work. He returns me to a childhood full of wonder and imagination. His woody landscapes are full of color and sparkle and mystery. I can totally see myself, skipping through his incandescent forests looking for mythical creatures to have adventures with.

Although Chilly’s paintings are by no means all child’s play, they do appeal to all ages. My 5-year old granddaughter delighted in his rendition of “Scream” (my title) “What the…?” (his title) while her father was captivated with the light literally flowing through the paintings. You see, many of Chilly’s paintings glow in the dark or shine brightly under black light. It’s very much like getting two paintings in one.

As an added bonus Chilly is not all whimsy and surrealism.  There is also a very realistic side to Chilly, evidenced in his portraits with eyes that shine and hair you can touch, all created with stunning detail.  Realistic or fanciful, all of his works are pieces that require more than just a passing glance. Spend a few minutes in front of one and you’ll find yourself pulled in and swallowed up by the sheer fun of it all. 

Please come out on October 7, 2012 and let us introduce you to William “Chilly” Bramlet. Enjoy a glass of wine and some light fare while losing yourself in these wonderful paintings. If you come early, for a nominal fee you can enjoy a full brunch buffet put on by Kerry’s Green before you head downstairs for an exhibit of a lifetime. Either way, you won’t be disappointed.

Date: Sunday October 7, 2012

Time(s): Sunday Brunch, 10 am 2 pm  –   exhibit only, Noon – 4 pm (Gallery open during brunch)

Place: Handy Concepts Art Gallery at Kerry’s Green, 150 Country Club Road, Red Lion, PA 17356

2 thoughts on “Welcome to the Enchanted Forest

  1. OK SEA HAG..To create a painting an artist needs more than just their gifted eye these days.
    Go to the customers home or get a picture of the area where they want to place a painting.
    If your eye is good,you will know what to paint and if your suggestive ability is what I think it is
    you will put a painting in their home that they can relate to and reflect on,The party picture
    that I got with Mike when I was at your house was a great find for me but it has no face or
    incident that I personally relate to.I have more to share of the painting that (I) want but I can’t
    find an artist to comply yet. Maybe you can help me find what’s on my mind.


    1. Most artists create what they do simply because it’s what they want to create.
      What you are describing my dear man is the need for a commissioned painting. You tell the artist EXACTLY what it is you are looking for (but chances are that you really don’t know until “see” something). So it really needs to be a collaborative effort between you and the artist, a couple of rough sketches, and then the work can begin.
      I was commissioned to paint someone’s dream a few years back. It only took two drafts and then I completed the painting and he was very pleased. So why don’t we schedule a time when I can come and visit your space and talk about what it is you really want?


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