shredded websized36″x24″ Mixed media on canvas. Limited edition prints also available.

I actually dreamed of this painting and awoke with a clear image in my head as well as the title. I had been looking at an old painting that I didn’t like and decided to paint over it but was not sure what I wanted it to be and didn’t want to totally destroy the elements already incorporated. I guess I looked at it so long that it crept into my dreams. The keyboard is comprised of various dried grasses and the guitar strings are actual wires adhered to the canvas. Added texture and layers of acrylic paint and inks complete the image.  Ask me about print availability.  Limited Editions available in 3 sizes from  $33-55.00 each.

Own this ORIGINAL (includes shipping within Continental US)

“Shredded” Original 36×24″ painting

original painting, 36″x24″ mixed-media on canvas, unframed. (includes shipping within US)


To own a limited edition print contact us.

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